Web 2.0 Workshop (AKEPT) Day 2


It rained today. One of those days in which it feels better in bed rather than in a workshop. But this is no indictment on the Web 2.0 workshop. It just that we usually feel that we should be in bed enjoying the benefits of a horizontal existence than one where work is expected of us. This is the consequence of the 4th rule of thermodynamics.  More about this later, but of course I digress.
We started the day without any loss of participants. The workshop started just after 9am and we looked at the sequence of blogs and how pages work and how each posting is organised within the blogs. Most of us have been updating our material online, punctuated with slow access difficulties.

In between the briefing and discoveries, many are doing their own private work (who wouldn’t, checking their e-mail (guess who), responding to departmental administration matters (no prizes for guessing), and checking out the latest news.  In the afternoon, we started on wikis.

Web 2.0 Workshop in UPM


Today I went to UPM to attend a Web 2.0 workshop organised by AKEPT,  Akademi Kepimpinan Pengajian Tinggi. The workshop is meant to introduce faculty members from the local universities on the tools on how to get faculty and students involved in e-learning. The morning and afternoon sessions was facilitated by Assoc. Prof. Daniel Tan, from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He talked mainly on the trials and tribulations on how e-learning took during its nascent implementation in 1998 to what it is right now. He explained about the do’s and don’ts on e-learning administration and how they arrived at the decisions that they took.

What’s most interesting is that what they went through is very similar with what I am facing with our e-learning implementation in IMU. And I am glad that the decisions that I have made mirror some of the decisions that they have made over there too.  Nevertheless, there are some differences.  They have gone full out on taking videos of the lectures, whereas we have decided to use Articulate for our lectures.
The afternoon session introduced us to John Larkin, a school teacher from Australia. He also teaches part-time in the University of Wollongong, and he introduced to us the paths he took as being an educator and teacher. Amongst the tools that he taught us to use is WordPress.



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